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Newly Formed County Wide Economic Development Organization SEDC

​Rock Springs, Wyoming, September 8, 2016- For the last three years, the Rock Springs Cha

mber, under the formation of the Rock Springs Business & Economic Development Alliance program, has been leading all Economic Development efforts, with the primary focus being on the City of Rock Springs. With the current scarcity of resources, the downturn in the economy and changes in the State of Wyoming’s 

current economic state the overall focus of the Rock Springs Business & Economic Development Alliance has shifted its primary focus to being a county-wide Economic Development effort. At this time, it became ver

y obvious that the organization needed to combine their efforts and partner to have a more county-wide focus. Current Business Development Chairman Devon Brubaker stated, “The launch of the SEDC, with significant support from Sweetwater County and the Cities of Rock Springs and Green River, fills a void in our co

mmunity that has kept our region from competing on a global scale for economic development opportunities. This Coalition will allow our communities to be proactive instead of reactive as we work with site-selection agencies and corporations looking to grow, expand, or relocate their operations in an effort to further diversify our local economy.” The Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition is made up of 15 members including the support of the Business Development Manager, Kayla McDonald who be the central point of contact for all Economic Development activities in Sweetwater County. Kayla stated, “The SEDC will be a great addition to our county, we will be more unified in our efforts when it comes to Economic Development in Sweetwater County, and because of our unified partnership, this will ultimately solidify the mission that this organization will be striving to implement in our goals of growing and diversifying our economy and the future of our county.” For more information or to find out how the SEDC can help you and your business, please contact us by phone at (307)-362-3771