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 Wild Colt 

 Wild Horse Loop Tour 

 Broadway Theater 

 Downtown Rock Springs 

 Red Canyon Overlook 

 Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. 

 Wild Horse Loop 


 Trona Miners 


 Downtown Rock Springs 



 Green River 

 Wilkin's Peak Trail System 

 Green River 

 Guided Horseback Riding 

 Red Canyon Lodge 

 Sweetwater County Fair 

 "Wyoming's Big Show" 

 Fly Fishing 

 On The Green River 


 Flaming Gorge Reservoir 




Current Ticket Sales

On Sale NOW - At The Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce 

Foreign Film February

Where: Broadway Theater [All Shows at 6pm]

Febraury 7th: The Salesman (Iran)
February 14th: The Wedding Plan (Israel)
February 21st: Things to Come (France, Germany)
February 28th: Heal the Living (France)

Tickets are $15 for all or $5 each


Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band

Where: Broadway Theater
When: February, 16th @ 7pm

Tickets are $25

Bowls of Caring

When: Thursday, March 22nd
Where: Sweetwater Events Complex

$15 for adults w/ceramic bowl
$10 kids 10 and under w/ ceramic bowl

Live in the Lobby

Where: Broadway Theater [All Performances Start at 7pm]

January 11th: Eddy Delbridge
February 8th: Wyoming Raised
March 8th: Brandi Chubb & Sweet Water
April 12th: Dr. Cliff Wittstruck II, Jason Dreher & Matt Schaffner

Tickets are $15 for all or $5 each