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Straight From The Desk Of Our CEO

  Over the past ten years I have noticed a measurable shift in collaboration and cooperation in our community. Along with this shift there has developed a more unified vision of what our community is and possibly can be. Our community leaders are looking to the future and acting to impact that future reality in a positive manner. 
    It is my observation that city and county government are working together to achieve a common goal. That goal is to make Sweetwater County and its municipalities a better place to live, work and raise a family. This is not only evident in our elected officials but also in the leaders of our major institutions, organizations and businesses. There is an attitude among our community leaders that we as a unified county can dictate the direction and outcome of our future. We have become a proactive unified county at many levels. This bodes well for our economy, our children and our quality of life in the years to come. 
   With efforts towards the ENDOW initiative, expansion of medical services and diversification of tourism offerings we are setting our community on a positive track. We have an abundance of private business investment, technological advancement in Industry and a nationally recognized higher education institution. Small and medium business owners are investing in technology, trainings and additional products and services. In the arena of arts and culture the 
number of events and activities are at an all-time high. This has happened because of the many committed and dedicated individuals. 
   Most interesting, is we can observe this common vision and cooperation at all levels in our area. It is at this particular time that we have in place many individuals willing to place what is good for our community above personal ambition. 
   The list is long of people who have made direct and impactful contributions to Sweetwater County. Some may not be recognized but we all appreciate and applaud what they have done.
  I cannot overstate the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and communication in the progress we as a populace have made. This past weekend several of our own were honored for their conviction to make Sweetwater County the best it can be. These are dedicated individuals who have taken on challenges and not settled for the status quo. They believe the current situation is not good enough and strive for more. We are very lucky to have these people and many others who have helped our corner of Wyoming move forward. The future does indeed look bright. 
These very deserving people were honored last week at state conferences for their service and leadership to Sweetwater County. 
        Chad Banks URA Main Street, Director in Rock Springs won the Innovation Award. Chad and his dedicated volunteers were recognized for their efforts in the Design by Yule program. “Downtown Rock Springs won the Innovation Award for developing a community-based initiative to help aid in beautifying downtown during winter months.” The Innovation Award is a state-wide Wyoming Main Street Accolade. 
   Devon Brubaker was named The Wyoming Airport Operators Association Airport Manager of the Year at the Association’s annual conference. With Devon’s dedicated staff, board and support of Sweetwater County, City of Rock Springs and City of Green River, we can expect our airport to continue to grow and increase its service offerings. 
    Pat Robbins, an advocate in the Economic Development arena for the past 20 years, was awarded the “Linda Hewitt Award.” This honor is bestowed on an individual who is recognized for excellence in support of Economic Development in Wyoming. This award is awarded annually by the Wyoming Economic Development Association.
The Rock Springs Chamber Board and staff would like to congratulate these dedicated individuals. We would also like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our “High Desert Country” a better place to call home.