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Box Art Photograph Contest

August 23, 2019


Dear Sweetwater County Photographers,


The newly formed Rock Springs Box Art (RSBA) Committee wants to transform some of the power boxes in our community into public art.  Our first box was wrapped this week on the WWCC Campus.


We are calling all Sweetwater County Photographers to submit an original photograph(s) for our second box. The theme for this box is Red Desert Wild Horses.  From the submissions, one piece will be selected.  The winning photograph will then be transformed into a vinyl wrap that will cover the power box located at the corner of College Drive and Windriver in Rock Springs.


Here is how the Rock Springs Box Art project will work:


  1. Any artist who resides or goes to school in Sweetwater County may submit a photograph. Artists residing outside of the county will not be considered. 
  2. An artist whose work appears on two power boxes will be ineligible to submit again.
  3. Winning artists will be paid a fee of $200 for their art design. The owners of the power box will own the physical work, however, the artist will maintain ownership of the design and may reproduce it without permission from the owner of the power box or the RSBA Committee. 
  4. The deadline for submission is September 6, 2019.  Submissions are to be dropped off at the Chamber of Commerce, 1897 Dewar Dr., Rock Springs, WY 82901.
  5. The winner will be selected on September 9, 2019.   
  6. We will accept original work only; no commercial reproductions, please.
  7. Artists are welcome to submit a previously created piece as long as the artist owns the rights to the work.
  8. No words, artists name or advertising can be on the photograph.
  9. Photographs must be in highest resolution for enlarging.
  10. It is encouraged that artists create something that can be tailored to be easily formatted to the boxes. The vinyl artwork will be placed on all four sides and top of the box.
  11. We welcome up to two (2) submissions per artist.
  12. Submission designs should avoid a large amount (over 20%) of black color.
  13. Submissions should include a photo of the work being submitted and the schematic drawing of how the art will appear on the box.


Your photograph must be submitted in an 8"x10" print.


Box Dimensions are: 

Length 7’ 1/4”

Height 36”

Width (Depth) 30 3/8”


We are looking forward to receiving your photograph!!





Rock Springs Box Art Committee


Peg Larson                   Bernadine Craft                      Chris Chewning

Breanna Jackman        Susie von Ahrens                     Darcy Punches-Michelson